The Continental
An assortment of fresh muffins, bagels. and croissants,

including cream cheese, butter, and utensils.

Small (12 Pieces) : $30.00
Medium (24 Pieces) : $54.00
Large (36 Pieces) : $70.00
  Add Juices, Tea, or Coffee
: $1- $2 per person

breakfast burrito

Assorted breakfast burritos
A mouthwatering collection of breakfast burritos, including,

premium meats like bacon, ham, sausage, or gyro, mixed with
scrambled eggs and hashbrowns, smothered in cheese.

Small (12 burrito halves) : $3.95 per
Medium (24 burrito halves) : $3.75 per
Large (36 burrito halves) : $3.50 per
 Add Juices, Tea, Coffee : $1-$2 per person


fresh fruit parfaits (bar or individual)
Create your own fresh fruit parfait with low fat vanilla yogurt,

delicious toasted granola, and fresh berries.

Parfait BAR : $4.50 per
Small (10 individual parfaits) : $4.00 per
Medium (24 individual parfaits) : $3.75 per
Large (36 individual parfaits) : $3.50 per
 Add Juices, Tea, or Coffee : $1 - $2 per person

Custom Orders Also Available


Classic Breakfast (disposable & Classic buffet)
                      An American classic breakfast: Scrambled Eggs,                                      Bacon & Sausage, Hashbrowns (option: add Pepper & Onions)                   and Fench Toast.

$7 - $9 per person


Full Service Waffle Bar   

            Impress your staff, clients, & guests with a full service                           breakfast: Hot & Fresh Waffle made to order with                endless toppings to choose from. 

$8 per. plus onsite chef(s)


Full Service Omlette Bar

                  Impress your staff, clients, & guests with a full service                                 breakfast: Hot & Fresh made to order OMLETTES with                choice of Meats, Veggies, and Cheeses

$10 per plus onsite Chef(s)

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